CliC Experiences

I have been selling CliCs for 16 years now and over the years many fun and interesting things have happened. I have decided to share them with you.

My earliest memory was at an outdoor sale in Ottawa where I had a table with some of my CliCs hanging on the display stand. They sat with the lenses upright and horizontal on the stand with the magnets attached  as if they were staring at the sky.

My table was covered with a cloth. It was a very hot and sunny day. I started to smell something burning and realized it was my tablecloth! The lenses are magnifiers of course, and with the hot sun shining through, they actually started a fire!

So please do not hang the glasses on your rear-view mirror in your car! And if you are in the woods camping and need to make a fire, all you need is the sun and your CliC Readers!

My husband is an extremely prolific person, good at fixing and building just about anything, and a very good mechanic. On several occasions, he has dropped screws while repairing all sorts of things, namely an engine on a boat when the screw fell into an unreachable spot. He used his CliCs and retrieved the screw! The same thing when working on a car engine. These magnets are very powerful!

We were boating with some friends in the Thousand Islands when someone dropped the barbeque tongs over the side. John tied a rope to his CliCs and literally “fished” the tongs out of the lake!

One of my customers told me a story about him having returned from a trip travelling by car. He stored his luggage in the trunk, closed it and drove back home. It was a lengthy enough drive and when he went around the car to open the trunk and retrieve his luggage, there were his CliCs, attached to the outside of the trunk by the magnets!

 Our latest experience could have ended very badly and I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, but today he was working on doing some welding on a piece of wrought iron, and while cleaning up afterwards, he quickly picked up a brush and cleaned a section without putting his CliC medical Goggles on! (He uses them all the time when he is working on sawing stuff.)

He felt something in his eye and called me to have a look. I was shocked to see that he had a tiny piece of metal stuck in his eyeball. As I panicked, and was ready to rush him to the hospital, my ever calm and resourceful husband said “get a pair of CliCs”

So while wearing a pair so I could see, I used the magnet from another pair and with great trepidation brought it very close to his eye. He said, it’s gone! And sure enough when I rubbed my finger on the magnet, I felt the tiny piece of metal on my finger and his eye is totally fine!

Now as much as I wouldn’t recommend doing anything like this, I do believe that my husband is brilliant to have thought of it and the outcome was phenomenal!

If any of you have any stories to tell about your experiences with your CliC Readers, I welcome you to send them to me and I will publish them.


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