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New to CliC Readers?

CliCs are comprised of a solid headband that goes around the back of the head and connects to the front eyepieces that attach with  powerful earth magnets on the bridge of the nose. These glasses are one solid piece, they do not fold up. They were created to be worn all day hanging around your neck so that they are always available when you need to read something! No more fishing around for your glasses or perching them on your head where they fall off as soon as you bend over. They are lightweight and convenient, making wearing reading glasses ever so much more pleasant and easy. Put them on in the morning, and at night, hang them on a doorknob or simply put them down on a table. They never sit on the lenses, so no scratching will occur. If you feel a need to pack them when traveling, we have created a hard case to transport the glasses and various other small items, jewellery, watches, camera parts, etc.

See the case here.

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You will find the “My account” button in the main menu. From your there you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses and edit your password and account details.

Do you live in the Montreal area or visiting our city? We see customers by appointment only at our location in Pointe Claire QC. If you are in the area, contact me at to obtain our address and set up a visit to see our great selection of CliC patented eyewear. (During this time of Covid, we can do curbside pickups, but unfortunately cannot have any customers come inside.)

For information on stores, please email me at Please note that most stores carry very little selection of this product. We have every item that is on this website in stock. Delivery time is from 1-5 days.

We do not sell headbands, we offer replacement ones for glasses that are still under our warranty.

Lenses can be purchased here for the Regular Readers and here for the Executive Readers.

Informational videos by EyeWearCliCs

 How to Change your CliC lenses

How to change stems on your CliC Readers

How to change the headband on your CliC Readers

 Questions About CliC Eyewear

How do I know which size to order?

We at EyeWearCliCs realize that we have a very specialized product that you may be ordering without ever having tried CliC Readers. Here we will endeavor to explain the sizing and show you images in order to help you differentiate between the products…

All CliC products are adjustable at the sides where the metal stem meets the nylon headband. We strongly advise you to adjust them when they are NOT on your head. If you do this and they break it will void the warranty.

Regular Women’s Readers measure 13.5cm from temple to temple and should fit any woman. Unless you know that you have an unusually large or small head, you can feel confident in ordering this size. We also have Petite Women’s. This frame is the same 13.5cm width but the metal adjustable stem that attaches to the headband is shorter so it has a much smaller fit. Larger women should order the Men’s sizes.

CliC here to see the Women’s comparison images.The Men’s Regular Readers measure the same 13.5cm from temple to temple; however, the metal stem is 10cm longer allowing an extra 20cm of circumference around the head. Most average men will be totally comfortable with this model. Men’s Small is also 13.5 cm wide but has shorter stems for a smaller fit.

Men with wider heads have three models to choose from.

The Sonoma model is 14cm from stem to stem and has a more rounded headband which will accommodate a slightly wider head.

The Men’s Large model is 15cm from temple to temple; it has angled metal stems for more width at the temple and is also adjustable in width at the back of the headband.

The Men’s Executive is in between the Men’s Regular and Large. It is 14 cm wide and has a large rounded headband for wider heads.

We now also have the Men’s Executive in Large; it is just a bit smaller then the Men’s Large.

If you are in doubt, we recommend the Men’s Large or the Executive Large.

To recap, here are the smallest to largest sizes for men.

Men’s Small, Euro, Classic Round, Men’s Regular, Sonoma, Executive Regular, Executive Large, Men’s Large.

CliC here to see the Men’s comparison images.

All of our products are satisfaction guaranteed, if the fit is not right you may return the product for a full refund on your purchase price and taxes. Please be sure to wrap them well to avoid being charged for scratched lenses!

We hope this helps you decide what to order, and we didn’t confuse you even more!

How do they work?

All CliC Eyewear is produced with a patented neodymium magnet (also called Earth magnets) that connect the glasses at the bridge of the nose.

Are they durable? What is your warranty?

Any  item found to be defective upon receipt will be replaced at our cost. The neckband is very durable. Made out of Nylon, It will withstand a lot of stretching and bending without breaking. If they do break within 30 days, we will replace them and pay the shipping. From 30 days up to 6 months we will replace them, but ask that you pay the shipping. We guarantee your satisfaction, however if there is no defect you are responsible to pay for all shipping costs on returns and new purchases. Your purchase price and taxes will be refunded.

How good are the lenses?

The lenses are produced of high quality acrylic. Because they hang comfortably around your neck, they are pretty hard to scratch or break. When you do set them down they lay on the band and not on the lenses. If you do manage to scratch them, you can order replacement lenses for $12.95. They are very easy to change.

(We do not sell replacement lenses for the Sonoma model as an optician has to change these, and may charge for the service) Please contact me if you wish to purchase some.

What strengths or Diopters do you carry?

We have 12 different strengths from +1.00 to +4.00 in most models.  You can purchase these in Miscellaneous

What if I need a different diopter in each eye?

If you need a different strength (diopter) in each eye, please email us at AND put a note in with your order and we will do this for you at no extra charge.

Can I have my prescription put in the frames?

Yes, all CliC Readers; the Ashbury Sunglasses; and the Goggles can be fitted with your own prescription.

Send us your prescription and we will quote you a price for the lenses.

Where’s the case?

Although we like to say ‘you are the case’ because you will always have them around your neck, we now have an EyeWearCliCs exclusive hard case at $19.95, a large microfibre bag at $9.50, and Lens cover bags available at $8.00! See Miscellaneous

What are Bellissima’s?

Bellissima’s are the creation of Wendy, the owner of EyeWearCliCs. Having a background in making jewelry, she came up with the idea when she first started selling the CliC products, and with the permission of Ron Lando, the owner of CliC in California, she takes the frames apart and adds all different kinds of beautiful beads.

The Bellissima line is exclusive to EyeWearCliCs.

We also have WenDesigns For Your Eyes Only collection. These are carefully hand painted by Wendy and clear coated many times before the coordinating beads are added.

What is your return policy?

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, please give us a call or e-mail us.  1-866-904-6784, 514-426-0874,

We will do our best to try and solve the problem, and then if you wish to return, we will happily refund your full purchase price and taxes as soon as we receive the package. Shipping costs will not be refunded. Please return in the original packaging with the tags attached and please be sure to wrap them well to avoid being charged for scratched lenses!  We will not accept returns for obviously worn and dirty glasses.

How do you ship and what is the cost?

All of our products are shipped out Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Canada Post Expedited. Expedited packages are an excellent choice and cost the same as Regular packages, but take less time to arrive! Most will arrive in a very short time, anywhere from one to six days in general. 

Where do you sell?

All of Canada!

International orders cannot be shipped.

If you live elsewhere, please contact us and we will send you to the right website.

For a list of retailers in your area, for wholesale enquiries or if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Wendy at the following:

Or call on our Toll-free number at


(North America)

Local Montreal 514-426-0874