Bellissima Readers (Beaded, Custom Made)


Bellissima’s are the creation of Wendy, the owner of EyeWearCliCs. The beads are chosen and added by hand to complement the frame. “CliC” on the plus sign in the corner of the image, and then on the arrows around the temple area to view the enlarged images one by one.

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Why wear plain reading glasses? Dress up your neck with a gorgeous beaded pair! Each unique pair of the Bellissima model is custom made according to frame color with an assortment of Pandora style Glass beads, Metal beads, Clay beads, Crystal beads  and other interesting beads that we find. Each pair comes in an organza bag. If you have a very small head, please let me know and I will put less beads on the sides so the frame will be smaller. Check our FAQ page for information about sizes.

All Bellissima’s are the creation of Wendy, the owner of EyeWearCliCs and exclusive to EyeWearCliCs. We do our best to show the colors, but all computer screens are different so there will sometimes be a slight variation.







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Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 10 cm

Black and White Stripe Bellissima, Black Bellissima, Black Multi Bellissima, Bright Blue Bellissima, Brooklyn Blue Bellissima, Brooklyn Grey Bellissima, Cherry Bellissima, Dark Blue Bellissima, Denim Bellissima, Frosted Navy Bellissima, Iceberg Green Bellissima, Light Tortoise Bellissima, Metallic Copper Bellissima, Metallic Pewter Bellissima, Orange Bellissima, ORANGE BELLISSIMA 2, Orange Bellissima 3, Pink Bellissima, Purple Bellissima, Red Bellissima, Sage Bellissima, Seafoam 1 Bellissima, Seafoam 2 Bellissima, Seafoam 3 Bellissima, Seafoam 4 Bellissima, Seafoam Bellissima, Silver Bellissima, Teal Bellissima, TORTOISE BELLISSIMA 2, Vintage Black Bellissima, Vintage Demi Bellissima, Vintage Tortoise Bellissima, Violet Bellissima, Zebra Bellissima


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